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Bomber Relaxed Performance Weymouth

Bomber Relaxed Performance Weymouth

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Typically a Weymouth applies pressure to the Poll, curb and mouth. By innovating a spring loaded purchase we have introduced a relaxed performance.

  • Softening the curb and poll pressures.
  • Quickening the release of pressure and reward
  • Creating space for a balance of pressures, communication and synergy between horse and rider.

The Dressage Port allows for tongue relief and is angled slightly forward. The forward angle discourages the horse from pushing its nose too far out in front of the vertical.

The Relaxed Performance Weymouth Happy Tongue Straight is FEI, BD and EA legal.


In the origin stories of the traditional Weymouth you had a general purpose work horse and rider that required the leverage and pressures to collect and control the animal. Today, horses are carefully breed for aesthetics and to compete at specific disciplines. Therefore, in the quest to find a perfect balance of pressures… Bombers teamed up with Carsten Engelke to revolutionise the Weymouth for today’s champions.

The standard size Weymouth has 2 length shanks. The longer shank allows for more hand movement and slows the leveraging of the pressure points.